Digital University system in offing for Odisha varsities: The New Indian Express, December 24, 2022

'Digital University system in offing for Odisha varsities' (The New Indian Express, 24 December 2022) reports that Odisha State’s higher education system will be onboarding a ‘digital university format’ which aims at complete digitisation of 14 public universities. The statement was made by Principal Secretary of Higher Education Department, Bishnupada Sethi at the 52nd convocation of Utkal University who further added that the digital university format will be a common admission, automated examination, digital libraries, virtual tutorials, question banks and portal-based academic system. The news report mentions that under the said system, a student’s academic life cycle will be recorded to keep a track of his/her performance as he/she move up his/her career ladder. Samarth has been mentioned as the implementing agency. Read more at: