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Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Project Samarth was initiated by Institute of Informatics and Communication(IIC) Research Lab, University of Delhi in 2019 under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, NMEICT-II (now NMEICT-III) scheme in 2019 for the benefit of Universities and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in India. Under the project, Universities and HEIs are provided the use of Samarth eGov Suite, which is an open source and open standards enabled evolutionary process automation engine. The initiative provides a gamut of digital tools that are integrated in an online platform of best practices for efficient resource planning and management, process and service improvement, and good governance in higher education.

The Samarth e-governance platform integrates technology and education delivery in a seamless manner. It is custom-made for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country and allows them to deploy a digital framework for planning, management, delivery and monitoring of services for students, staff and other stakeholders. It caters to the needs of Universities and HEIs by introducing 9 packages comprising of 40+ modules on a single platform. The modules help Institutions to streamline their repository of records: starting from admission details to examination, employee and leave data, payroll and administrative information amongst others. Designed after a careful study and understanding of University rules and systems, they present an integrated system of records and data. Moreover, the modules are user friendly and constant research and feedback is  carried out to enhance user experience and add new or additional features.

Samarth E-Gov Suite is a catalyst in the transformation of  Higher Education institutions  transitioning towards a future ready digital campus.

The Journey so far...

There were only 5 Central Universities in the pilot phase of Project Samarth in July 2019: Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Central University of Jammu, Central University of Sikkim, Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University and Tezpur University. By the end of the year, 12 Central Universities and 1 State University had started using the Samarth eGov Suite. Currently, over 200 Universities and Institutes are using the modules developed by Samarth. Samarth eGov has already been adopted by more than 200 Universities and HEIs in India, including more than 40 central and state universities, and more than 100 colleges.

Samarth eGov Suite played a crucial role in assisting Universities and HEIs in the wake of the Covid pandemic in 2020 when academic sessions and learning processes had to adapt to an online mode. An additional 16 Central Universities started using our modules thereafter. It further enabled the University of Delhi to conduct an Online Open Book Examination and online evaluation for more than 2.5 Lakh final year students across 200+ programmes in July 2020.

The Samarth process:

All the onboarded Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) undergo extensive training sessions to start with their use of Samarth Modules. Universities decide on a Nodal Officer who is the Single Point Of Contact for Samarth Implementation in their respective Universities/HEIs. Each module has its own Module admins who are in charge of implementing the module along with their team. Universities/Institutions also form a Samarth Implementation Committee to oversee the implementation process. The Nodal officer coordinates between the University and Team Samarth and champions for the Samarth eGov Suite implementation by being accountable for it.

The Samarth support team assists the Universities/HEI in using the modules. More than 1000  walkthrough sessions, webinars, training sessions and workshops have been organised for the module admins and their teams on a regular basis.

In its fourth year, Project Samarth strives to maintain and deliver its mandate of increasing data security, integrity, validity and reliability by reducing manual processes.

What is Samarth E-Gov Suite?

The Samarth E-Gov Suite is a purpose built platform for Universities and HEIs to deploy a digital framework of good governance. Samarth increases the efficiency of Institutions by enabling them to :

(1) leverage digital technologies to define and govern administrative processes.

(2) seamlessly deliver quality services to students, staff and other stakeholders.

(3) collaborate with other institutions to evolve best practices and efficient procedures of operations, management and good governance.

Samarth offers more than 40 software modules for the management of a variety of workflows across 5 critical functional domains of university operations and administration.

1. Academics and Student Lifecycle 2. Human Resource Management and employee lifecycle
1. Programme and Courses
2. Admissions
3. Evaluation & Grading
4. Research
5. Student Feedback
6. Training and Placement
7. Alumni Portal
1. Recruitment
2. Employment Management
3. Leave Management
4. Knowledge Management
5. Career Advancement
6. Training of Trainers (ToT) Management
3. Finance, Accounts and Supply Chain 4. Governance and Decision Support
1. Budget & Accounts
2. Payroll Management
3. Research Project and Grants Management
4. Fee Management
5. Bill Management
6. Asset and Inventory Management
7. Endowment Management
1. Grievance Management
2. File Management & Tracking
3. Affiliation Management
4. Estate Management System
5. Residence Allocation Management
6. RTI Management
7. Legal Case Management
8. Minutes Resolutions Archive
9. Central Data Unit
5. Other Facilities and Services
1. Organisational Structure
2. User Management
3. Core Communication System
4. Hostel Management
5. Service Desk Management
6. Library Integration
7. Content Federation System and Website APIs
8. Health Management System
9. Transport and Fleet Management
10. Security Management System
11. Sports Management System
12. Other Essential Services

The multiple configuration sets available in Samarth make it ready-to-use for any type and size of University/HEI.

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