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About Project Samarth

Samarth eGov suite is an automation engine designed for various HEIs across India to help them migrate from paper, unreliable third-party ERP systems to a system that is more secure, reliable, and scalable.
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Samath eGov - An Initiative by Ministry of Education

Project Samarth is an initiative by Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India. Designed and Developed by Institute of Informatics and Communication, University of Delhi South Campus.
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Smarter Automation Engine for Universities.

An Open Source, Open Standard enabled Robust, Secure, Scalable and Evolutionary Process Automation Engine for Universities and Higher Education Institutions

Why actually Samarth?

Worrying about your data is the last of the worries with Samarth, it ensures total data security.

Achieve scalability without adding any boxes! Samarth cloud scales with your institution's needs.

Works independent of operating systems. All you need is a browser to access and operate the application modules. Quick deployment and easy data migration make for fast adoption.
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These are a few of the statistics that we have achieved during our project duration.
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Exceptional Project Group

We built the software from the ground up to give you an user amazing experience, meet the group behind!

Dr Sanjeev Singh

Institute of Informatics & Communication
University of Delhi
PI - Project Samarth

Prof Mridula Gupta

Department of Electronic Science
University of Delhi

Ms. Nirmal Marwah