Website Monitoring Plan

We periodically monitor our website to address and fix the quality and compatibility issues of the website on the following parameters:

  • Functionality: We test all modules of the website for their smooth functionality.
  • Performance: We test key web pages for their download time.
  • Broken Links: We audit the site carefully to rule out the presence of any broken links or errors.
  • Traffic Analysis: We frequently monitor traffic on the website.
  • Feedback: We gather feedback from users of the website and make necessary changes if required.

Contingency Management Plan

This website aims to be functional and running at all times to provide information and services to the users. All possible efforts shall be made to minimize the downtime of this website as and when required. In eventualities like defacement/hacking of the site, data corruption, hardware/software crash and natural disasters, all efforts will be made to restore the site in the shortest possible time.