Panjab University adopts Samarth portal for data management

Panjab University adopts  Samarth portal for data management
Hindustan Times

By Rajanbir Singh, Chandigarh (Hindustan Times)

To digitalise records and help conduct all registration, enrolment and examination-related activities, and processes in finance and human resources, Panjab University (PU) has registered itself on the e-Samarth portal. There are 40 software modules across five functional domains of university operations and administration where this can be used.

The portal was launched by the Union Ministry of Education in 2019 under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology to empower universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) with a digital framework for planning, management, delivery, and monitoring of services for students, staff, and stakeholders. Under the project, the HEIs are provided with a fully managed, cloud-based and comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP).

As per officials, PU had been trying to get on this portal for the last year and its services are now working for the university free of cost. It will now supersede other portals that some departments like the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), which is currently paying to run such a portal, have set up at the departmental level.

Speaking about how it will help PU, registrar YP Verma said, “It will help procure data for all departments of PU. While it is readily available for some, it is scattered in other departments, which will now be on one online portal.” For data privacy, not everyone can access this data and currently only department heads, senior assistants and assistant registrar level and above officials can access it.

The portal is currently in use in all central universities and its features can be modified as per University criteria.

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