Assam Govt launches SAMARTH e-gov admission portal

Assam Govt launches SAMARTH e-gov admission portal

The Assam State Higher Education Admission Portal under the SAMARTH-e Gov portal for admission to undergraduate (UG) programmes of the Union Government was officially launched on Wednesday for the convenience of students for admission in all state universities and government-aided higher education institutions across the state. Education Minister Ranoj Pegu launched the portal.
Advisor to the Education Department Dr. Nanigopal Mahanta, Additional Chief Secretary to the Higher Education Department BR Samal, officials and heads of various colleges attended the inauguration event.

Pegu said at the inaugural event that students will be able to enroll in every institution of higher learning in the state through this portal starting this academic year. He also mentioned that the number of students in higher education institutions is increasing every year. In addition, as a result of one student applying for admission to several colleges at the same time on the basis of merit, other students face difficulties in getting admission to those institutions or are left behind. However, with this portal, students will no longer face this problem.

The students have to go through the admission process only through Samarth. Technically, students can also be boarded after admission. Students have to sign in and upload all credentials as per the requirement, and a unique ID will be generated. By using the unique ID, he or she can apply to up to 10 departments or institutions with this ID. Once admission is taken for one, the other options will be deactivated. The problem of students occupying seats in different colleges by themselves will be eliminated. Following the admission process, the examination module will be activated, and therefore the entire life cycle of a student, from admission to certification, will be seamlessly done through a single platform. Students can apply for admission to a maximum of 10 options (for example, the same major in 10 colleges, 10 different majors in one college, or 10 different majors in 10 different colleges).

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