As a Database Administrator, you will work in the Product Department, which engages in managing the databases for the product.
Position title#
Database Administrator
Database Administrators are responsible for keeping database systems that support all user-facing services and production systems running smoothly 24/7/365.
  1. Apply sound engineering principles, operational discipline and mature automation, specializing in databases (MySQL and MongoDB in particular)
  2. Work on database reliability and performance aspects with the programming and R&D teams, as well as work on shipping solutions with the product.
  3. Analyze solutions and implement best practices for our main MySQL and MongoDB database cluster and its components.
  4. Work on observability of relevant database metrics and make sure we reach our database objectives.
  5. Work with peers to roll out changes to our production environment and help mitigate database-related production incidents.
  6. OnCall support to the team.
  7. Identify the SLO (Service Level Objectives) that will align the team to meet the availability and latency objectives.
  8. Provide database expertise to engineering teams (for example through reviews of database migrations, queries and performance optimizations).
  9. Work on automation of database infrastructure and help engineering succeed by providing self-service tools.
  10. Plan the growth of database infrastructure.
  11. Design, build and maintain core database infrastructure pieces that allow to scale to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.
  12. Support and debug database production issues across services and levels of the stack.
  13. Make monitoring and alerting alert on symptoms and not on outages.
  14. Document every action so your learnings turn into repeatable actions and then into automation.
  15. Leads and participates in several projects, having an overview and giving input on projects to be accomplished with the best performance and lower impact.
  • Have at least 2 years of experience running MySQL in large production environments
  • Have experience with infrastructure automation and configuration management (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform...)
  • Have experience with any object oriented programming language in a software engineering role
  • Have strong programming skills
  • Have solid understanding of SQL
  • Have solid understanding of the internals of MySQL
  • Have experience working in a distributed production environment
  • Have an urge to collaborate and communicate asynchronously.
  • Have an urge to document all the things so you don't need to learn the same thing twice.
  • Have a proactive, go-for-it attitude. When you see something broken, you can't help but fix it.
  • Have an urge for delivering quickly and iterating fast.
  • Know your way around Linux and the Unix Shell.
  • Have the ability to orchestrate and automate complex administrative tasks. Knowledge in config management systems like Chef (the one we use)
  • Passion for stable and secure systems management practices
  • Strong data modeling and data structure design skills
You can also directly send your resume along with cover letters at having appropriate job position titles in the subject line.
Hiring organization
Project Samarth
Employment Type
Job Location
Institute of Informatics & Communication, Delhi, South Campus, 110021, India
Date posted
February 26, 2021